The ghost of Henry VIII has terrified paranormal experts.



Tony Ferguson and Paul Cissell were spooked on a visit to Hurst Castle - which was built by the Tudor king in 1544 - when a strange ghost-like mist appeared and moved towards their camera.

Ferguson believes it could be the ghost of the king who famously had six wives.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "It could quite possibly be Henry VIII.

"We have visited several times and each time the activity gets darker and more sinister every time."

Ferguson added that he has studied the footage and believes that the spirit was targeting his ghost-hunting friend.

He explained: "I heard a massive bang. I came down and Paul wasn’t with it – he was very disoriented and I noticed he wasn’t making much sense.

"He seems to be overtaken by something and whatever it was was very angry and seems to vent the anger out on the camera.

"He was in a daze and wasn’t himself, to the point he had to leave."