A pensioner hid his winning scratchcard behind the cover of his tablet for safekeeping.

Scratchcard winner

Scratchcard winner

Bill Bett won the jackpot worth £1 million after he scratched off the numbers on his Monopoly Millionaire card, and although at first he thought he had nabbed a free pint of milk the reality soon kicked in and he decided to conceal the small piece of paper in the unusual place to prevent anyone else from cashing in the top prize instead.

Speaking about how he protected his winnings to The Mirror Online, he said: ''I always used to say no one wins £1 million on a scratchcard.

''I tucked the scratchcard carefully behind the cover of my tablet for safe keeping.''

Although the now millionaire couldn't believe the news he had bagged the whopping sum, and double checked it with staff in a store, he continued to take another look at the card before it was validated to ensure he hadn't made an error.

He explained: ''I was still double checking it right up until it was validated a week later.''

Bill is believed to have dipped into his winnings to pay for a new bungalow, which will have a conservatory and a garage where he plans to while away his days painting in his new home.

The former art teacher explained: ''I will have a conservatory and a garage for storage which means I will have space to take up painting again.

''I used to teach art to children with learning difficulties but I haven't painted for years.''