People across the UK have been finding the funny side to the freezing temperatures hitting the country this week.

People enjoy snow-covered UK

People enjoy snow-covered UK

In Lincoln, a Deliveroo driver was seen sliding down Steep Hill with his delivery on his back and according to a woman who filmed the scene, the man shouted ''gotta get that Nandos delivered'' as he went sliding passed, the Metro reported.

In other parts of the country, an Everton football fan was filmed sporting tiny speedos and nothing else while jumping in a freezing cold river.

The man, known as Mark, jumped into the water shouting ''beast from the east my a**e''. Although mocking the storm battering the UK, Mark is seen shivering in the water.

Others got their skis out for their commute to work after travel disruptions have been affecting the entire country.

As well, two police officers were spotted having a snowball fight in Notting Hill shortly before their shift began.

The video was posted online with the caption: ''The view out of my office window of the police enjoying the snow before their shift starts. Work hard, play hard.''