A man has spent thousands moving his home half a mile away.



Tim Brown was able to get his 139-year-old property on the back of a truck and move it elsewhere in San Francisco so a new apartment block could be built in its place.

Phil Joy oversaw the house-moving operation and could understand the extreme measures that Brown went to so he could keep his home intact.

He told the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper: "Look at it. It's historic. Original lumber. You cannot get lumber like that anymore. Tight grain from 800-year-old trees. No knots. It's a beautiful thing.

"Move a house, save a tree.

"This is a house is worth saving. Besides, it's what keeps us in business."

Joy's views were reiterated by local resident Fiona McDougall, who added: "These houses are part of the fabric of San Francisco.

"It's important to preserve them rather than replacing them with a bunch of cold boxes."