A Californian pet hotel is offering dogs gourmet food, essential oil massages and pilates.

Dogs bizarre

Dogs bizarre

The Barkingham Pet Hotel in Palm Desert has been hailed as the luxurious alternative to the standard kennel and is said to be the animal equivalent of the Four Seasons.

The canines are treated to comfy double beds and a menu consisting of Greek yogurt parfait, ''corgi cannolis'' and ''pumpkin and cranberry delight''.

For the pets who wish to keep in shape, a gym - equipped with a treadmill and pool - is on hand for them to take part in a ''core strengthening and muscle conditioning program'' otherwise known as ''pawlates''.

Speaking to Mental Floss, the owner Lori Weiner said: ''We believe your pets deserve as great a vacation as you do. We pamper them the same as would a human hotel.''