A girl has been bringing cheer to care home residents with her pony.

A pony

A pony

Jorja Boller has been bringing Peanut the pony to the Good Samaritan nursing home in Nebraska to bring some joy to residents, who are stuck in isolation due the coronavirus crisis.

The 11-year-old explained how residents were ''so excited'' to see the animal.

She explained: ''They would see the staff come to the window and they would wave and you could tell right away when their eyes saw the pony because they instantly lit up with smiles from ear to ear!''

Robin Gascon, director of marketing at Good Samaritan said that Jorja came up with the idea as the pony always bring her joy.

He said: ''Jorja and her mum were talking about how Peanut always cheers them up so they thought, 'Maybe he could cheer up my people at Good Sam'''.