Leisure centre staff were left baffled after they arrived to find their swimming pool had drained away overnight.

Pool drained away overnight

Pool drained away overnight

Members of the team at Parish Wharf in the city in South West England, were gobsmacked to find the pool, which held roughly half a million litres of water, had absorbed into thin air.

However, any fears were soon put to rest after workers found a fault with the waste valve, which caused the pool to be drained completely and leave an eerie looking empty hole in its place.

The centre has been closed temporarily so new water can be heated and treated before keen swimmers can return to enjoy the facilities.

Staff were keen to put rumours of ghostly activity to rest and resume their regular activities.

An official spokesperson told the Bristol Post: ''Due to a technical issue in the plant room where a fault with the waste valve resulted in the main pool being drained of water overnight, this is currently being investigated and we are working hard to introduce fresh water into the pool as soon as practicable within industry guidelines.''