A town in Alabama has finally been cleared of trains carrying human waste.

'Poop train' cleared from Alabama town

'Poop train' cleared from Alabama town

The small population - made up of 982 residents northwest of Birmingham - of Parrish were polluted with the foul stench coming from the stationary cars, which carried approximately 10 million pounds of poop from waste management facilities in New York.

Thankfully, it was halted due to an injunction concerning zoning laws in Jefferson county.

The Mayor of Parrish, Heather Hall, announced the news via his Facebook page.

He said: ''I have wonderful news. Big Sky has ended their operation in Parrish. The final container was transported and emptied Tuesday (4/17/2018) afternoon at 2 PM. The containers that remain at the rail yard are empties awaiting transport back North and should be removed soon. I know this situation took longer than anyone, especially myself, had hoped it would take to come to an end. (sic)''