Pringles has made a giant tube as tall as a person.

Pringles Tubes

Pringles Tubes

To celebrate November 11 - which the Japanese arm of the crisps company has branded 'Pringles Day' - a 161cm-long tube has been created.

The specific length was chosen as it matched the height of Fuwa-chan, the celebrity spokesperson for Pringles in Japan.

The company took to Twitter to explain the stunt and has offered fans the chance to get a Pringles tube based on their own height.

It read: "11 November is Pringles Day!

"So I made Fuwa-chan life-sized Pringles. On this occasion, 11 people will be given a life-sized Pringles by lottery.

"Way to participate: Impressions of eating the delicious and renewed Pringles. Tag [life-sized Pringles] + [my height]. Tweet! (sic)"