Getting regular exercise can boost students' marks in French and Maths, according to Swiss researchers.

Exercise is important for getting grades, says resarch

Exercise is important for getting grades, says resarch

Experts at the University of Geneva have been looking into the impact of fitness on learning outcomes by observing 193 students, aged 8 to 12.

By studying both their grades and fitness levels, they found a connection between improved cardiorespiratory fitness and getting better grades in both Maths and French.

The link - which was found to be indirect - suggests that educators should put emphasis on activities that improve executive function and cognitive flexibility when creating timetables.

Marc Yangüez, a researcher at the University of Geneva said: “This is our ability to inhibit intrusive or irrelevant behaviour or thoughts.

"The second is cognitive flexibility, which often called multitasking, and refers to our ability to flexibility move between tasks or responses based on task demands.

"Finally, the third is working memory, which is our ability to maintain information in our minds and manipulate it."