A relationship expert has claimed a couple's sleeping positions could determine the future of their romance.

Sleeping can end relationships

Sleeping can end relationships

Kate Taylor has claimed the way a person sleeps with their partner can be detrimental to their romance, and if a couple sleep ''back to back'' their love life will be doomed.

She told The Sun Online: ''If you fall asleep back to back, then your intimacy will most certainly suffer.

''Facing in opposite directions is a bar to spontaneous kissing, intimate chats and eye contact. This is one surefire way to drift apart.''

Kate has also pointed out that all relationships need space and couples should be mindful of the gap between them.

She said: ''If you find there's often a four feet gap, you are probably disconnected and miserable.

''Maybe you have an unresolved argument or one of you is avoiding sex. Skin-on-skin contact is a must. Oxytocin, the bonding hormone is released through touching.''