A California restaurant struggling with a shortage of workers has employed a food delivery robot.



The Sugar Mediterranean Bistro revealed their newest member of staff in a video clip uploaded to Facebook.

The post read: "Look at our new team member."

Ana Ortiz, the general manager of the restaurant, says that the robot has been a "lifesaver" and has helped out other members of staff.

She told KOVR-TV: "It is a lifesaver. You know, it helps us bring out all of the food.

"The table that is closest to the patio, I press 'go' and it will take it right out."

The robot has proved to be a hit but Ortiz wants to retain human interaction with the customers.

She said: "We don't want to give that up. We love to see our people. We love to see their faces. We love to see them happy and after a while, they become family to us."