A real life army of 'Terminator' robots could become the UK's ''fourth emergency service'' by the year 2068, according to leading experts.

Robot emergency services

Robot emergency services

Within the next 50 years, it's been suggest the autonomous droids - which could boast the strength of 500 men - would be on constant standby in case help is needed in situations deemed to hazardous for humans.

Speaking at the UK launch of his book, 'The Seven Heavenly Habits of Innovation', Mat Shore said: ''In times of crisis, the need to innovate - and to think innovatively - becomes more important than ever.

''The Beast from the East has clearly highlighted a variety of shortcomings in existing technology, most of which is outdated and unable to cope with the extreme temperatures and conditions.

''Innovators will now be looking at ways to aid the public and to help the rescue services, and there is no doubt that the development of robotics generally - and in cyborgs in particular - will be at the forefront of their minds.''

Mat - author and expert on innovation, artificial intelligence and futuristic technology - has suggested the robots would have limited endurance, and the ability to work in sub-zero temperatures.

He added they could even carry on roadside first aid, taking injured people to hospital and offer ''words of human-like comfort''.