Santa Claus will be taking to the skies this Christmas on EasyJet's in-flight grottos.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus

Father Christmas has been flying around the world for more than 1,700 years, but the legendary festive figure is set to meet 20,000 passengers in person in advance of Christmas Day as part of the British airline's latest initiative.

EasyJet are set to launch over 100 flights across Europe over the festive period, and to celebrate this Saint Nicholas will surprise children and families on board a flight to help travellers get into the ''festive feeling''.

Tina Milton - who is the head of the EasyJet's cabin crew said: ''We fly millions of people home or on holiday over the Christmas period and we want to get the festive feeling started on board.

''We have hired the world's most famous pilot to fly on more than 100 selected flights and give over 20,000 passengers an incredible surprise.''