A group of schoolgirls have found a way for both Jack and Rose to survive in 'Titanic'.

Jack and Rose in Titanic

Jack and Rose in Titanic

The end of the hit James Cameron movie sees Rose - played by Kate Winslet - survive the sinking of the iconic ship by laying on top of a door while her lover Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) stayed in the water and eventually died from hypothermia

Ever since the film was released back in 1997, fans have argued that the door was big enough for both of the main characters to sit on - although they would've sunk.

Now a group of Year 10 pupils at Westminster School, in Adelaide, are convinced they've come with the perfect maths formula suggesting they both could have survived.

Abigail Wicks, Christy Zhang and Julia Damato have claimed Jack and Rose could have both stayed on the door if they have put their life jackets underneath to make it float, according to The Mary Sue.

However, some have argued that Jack wasn't wearing a life jacket at the end of movie.