A mother was left horrified after a photo of her home-made science experiment was mistaken for a sex toy.



Emma Holmes set up the 'elephant toothpaste' experiment while homeschooling her two children - but things soon took an unexpected twist.

Posting an image of the experiment on Twitter, Emma wrote: ''Garden science lessons.''

The post has since gained over 10,000 retweets, as users pointed out its resemblance to an X-rated toy.

Emma said: ''It was so funny, but so surreal. It has had like six million views on Twitter or something, the internet is a strange place.

''I honestly didn't see it at first, but now everyone has mentioned it, I can't unsee it.

''Twitter has corrupted my mind. It just so happened that we used red food colouring and it turned it pink which made it worse, if it wasn't that colour it wouldn't look so bad.''