The first sex doll brothel in Scotland has been forced to close after complaints from neighbours.

Scottish sex doll brothel closes

Scottish sex doll brothel closes

Steven Crawford, 25, bought the raunchy plastic figure - called Faith - for a whopping £1,800 and set up a company 'Date a Doll' in early February with the intention of selling the doll to wanting customers for £60 an hour, the Daily Record reported.

The company was even registered on Companies House to make it legal but when it first opened, Steven did admit he thought neighbours might have thought it was sleazy but didn't mind.

However, not he has been forced to close his business after a short run due to complaints.

But that did not stop the entrepreneur who has decided he will rent the doll out to people instead of them coming to pay for time with it in his own home.

The singleton said: ''I would still hire out the doll at an agreed meeting point.

''Whatever they are comfortable with. It wasn't really a brothel. I just wanted to build trust and publicity to establish a customer base and hire out equipment.

''I would ask clients to use protection and pay a deposit. They don't have to use protection, but I will charge if hygiene standards are not met.

''Right now I'm a guy who wants money and fast cars.''