A bull seal has been found in a field in Yorkshire - 50 miles from the coast.

Seal found in a field in Yorkshire

Seal found in a field in Yorkshire

Walkers couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted the sea creature basking in the sun in the middle of a field, which is usually occupied by sheep, in the countryside.

Karen Hargreave, who took a photograph of the beautiful animal from the Topcliffe Weir near Thirsk, North Yorkshire, told The Sun newspaper: ''Some friends saw him in the river and told me. My husband and I went to look and he was still on the bank.''

It's believed the male bull seal had swam up the River Swale in search for food.

Ana Cowie of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Living Seas Centre at Flamborough on the East Yorkshire coast said: ''It is pretty regular, they just chase the food source and you often find them inland. We don't have statistics or numbers, but we do know it is fairly common. If they don't seem distressed or stranded we would urge people to just leave them, don't approach them and keep dogs away as they are a wild animal after all. They can usually be there for a few days before finding their way back, but they spend a lot of their lives on land so they are usually fine.''