A sex toy company has revealed some of the most bizarre searches on its website.

Sex toy company reveals bizarre customer searches

Sex toy company reveals bizarre customer searches

Lovehoney.co.uk has had 6.9 million unique searches on its site over the past year and while most of the searches are for popular sex toys, some of the things customers have typed into the search bar have been extremely bizarre.

A post on the website states: ''Most of the words that are typed into the search box at the top of our site are pretty straightforward - cock rings, vibrators and all the other types of sex toy we sell.

''And when customers type in a phrase, we try to present them with the product or page they're looking for. Simple.

''But! Some of the searches are not quite what you'd expect... 'Anal cockroach'? Sorry, we don't have a page for that!''

And the website included a list of the 101 weirdest searches, including ''roasted cauliflower with parmesan cheese'', ''love twiglets'', ''turnip vibrator'', ''peparami lube'' and ''vibrators with noodles''.

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