A woman was gifted a vibrator at an Ann Summers party and had an ingenious alternative use for the sexy toy.

Sex toy's many uses

Sex toy's many uses

A user on the forum Gransnet has revealed her former co-worker used the device to sprinkle her greenhouse plants.

The post read: ''My now retired colleague won a vibrator at an Ann Summers party some years ago.

''She was a very keen gardener and had a greenhouse with a lot of very expensive and delicate plants that only required minimal watering. So she hooked up the vibrator to an inverted plastic drinks bottle filled with water; pierced a small hole in the end of the bottle and then switched the vibrator on.

''Result was that several plants received a light shower of droplets of water for as long as the battery on the vibrator held out. Pity it was bright pink, otherwise you'd never have noticed it!''