A sheep escaped an Easter market and was spotted in Waitrose.

Sheep escapes market

Sheep escapes market

The animal - known as Sam the Sheep - ran away from the Easter Canopy Market, in London, and was spotted by security guards according to the Metro newspaper.

One shopper tweeted: ''A sheep has broken free from a King's Cross petting zoo and marauded into Waitrose (sic)''

She then continued and recorded footage of the sheep being captured and carried back out to the market.

She said: ''Captured, and carried back out. There is footage. I have seen it.

''I am working on Olly & Jess to release the videos, for the public good. Here's to a twitter link coming soon. Stay tuned.''

A Waitrose spokesperson said: ''While Sam was only just making her way into the shop before being collected safely, it was great to see new customers flocking to our doors to find an Easter

''baa-gain''. (sic)''