Singles find it annoying when family or friends give them romantic advice.

Couple on date

Couple on date

New research from dating app Badoo found that 70 per cent of singles are irritated when they get tips on their love life from friends or relatives.

The study found that singletons also hate clichés such as "don't worry you'll find someone eventually, I'm sure of it" and "you need to get out there more, the clock is ticking".

Two-thirds also admit that they find being single in January tougher than at other times of the year with half confessing they have been tempted to text an ex so far this year.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, more than half of those surveyed are more optimistic about finding a partner in 2021.

Natasha Briefel, UK Brand Marketing Director at Badoo UK, said: "January can be a really tricky time – there's all this added pressure to set new goals and make plans for the year ahead, so it's not surprising to hear singles are finding this time of year particularly tough, especially with often unhelpful dating advice coming from all corners!"