A six-year-old boy has broken a drumming world record.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Devaagyh Dixit, known as India's youngest drummer, claimed the Guinness World Record for most drumbeats using drumsticks in three minutes when he struck the instrument 5,500 times in the allotted time.

Dixit revealed that he has been playing the drums since the age of two.

He told The Times of India newspaper: ''When I had just turned two years old, my father brought a drum set for himself. It so happened that before he could lay his hands on the drums, I picked up the sticks and started playing the drums myself.''

The young drummer admits that he dreams of being a fighter pilot when he grows up, although he will concentrate on music for now.

Dixit explained: ''I get very excited every time I look at aeroplanes and I want to serve my country by becoming a fighter jet pilot.''