A micro artist Hasan Kale has created seven pieces of popcorn art to celebrate iconic films coming to Sky Q next month.

Godfather theme on popcorn

Godfather theme on popcorn

The creative mastermind has added his personal touch to each individual piece of the small corn kernel, which he has referred to as an Artasnack.

And each piece is inspired by modern and classic film favourites including Rocky's winning fight against Apollo Creed in the opening sequence of 'The Godfather'.

The images also include scenes from the classic 'Ghostbuster', 'Bridge on the River Kwai', 'Spider-Man 2' and 'X-Men: Apocalypse' which will all be available to watch on Sky Q from December 1.

All of the mini masterpieces took 24 hours to create using only the finest of brushes to bring these scenes in the microscopic form.

Ian Lewis, Sky Cinema Group Director, said: ''As a nation, we are obsessed with popcorn. It's one of our go-to snacks for a movie night marathon - and I'm not afraid to admit - a personal favourite of my own!

''To illustrate the finite detail of Ultra HD, we partnered with Hasan to give popcorn a movie-inspired makeover and to showcase the films we're excited to share with families this Christmas in better quality than ever before.''