A skydiver's iPhone survived a fall of 10,000 feet.



Kody Madro regularly performs skydiving stunts but was left shocked after the phone fell out of his pocket as he attempted a dive in Arizona.

Madro was forced to carry his smartphone during the dive as his trousers had ripped earlier that day. The incident was caught on camera by one of his friends but the phone remarkably still worked for a short period after the giant drop.

He told MailOnline: "I usually don't take my cell phone and if I do it's never been an issue in my pocket except those pants had ripped earlier in the day.

"So when my cell phone flew out, my buddy actually thought a piece of my skydive rig flew off.

"His face was priceless as I was looking back at him, I didn't realise my phone was gone until I landed.

"I used find my iPhone to locate it In the desert.

"I used the phone for another couple weeks before it eventually conked out."