Two skydiving enthusiasts set a Guinness World Record after completing 32 high and low fives as they plunged down to Earth.



Emily Aucutt and Josh Carratt jumped out of a plane at the Langar Airfield in Grantham and had set out to slap a minimum of 30 high fives before they reached the ground.

The two daredevils completed the challenge in partnership with sanitiser manufacturer Carex in a bid to encourage the public to get back together as the pandemic eases by making sure they are sanitised.

Aucutt said: "When Carex approached us to take part in the world record, we were ecstatic.

"Not only to be a part of an incredible campaign, but also to work with a brand that takes safety so seriously. Sky Diving is an extreme sport, so safety is imperative, and we know that Carex really understands that!

"The attempt was a lot more challenging than we had initially thought but we persevered and are so elated to have achieved this Guinness World Records title in partnership with Carex."