A man claims to have captured a strange ''flying object'' on CCTV.

Son and father spot ghost-like 'flying object' on CCTV

Son and father spot ghost-like 'flying object' on CCTV

The male and his father setup cameras in their home after he kept having dreams about someone coming to pick him up each day to work in Space, and now he's claimed it could be related to the ghostly sighting the pair have recorded on film.

According to the Daily Star Online, the unnamed male, who uploaded the video to The Mutual UFO Network, said: ''My dad woke me up to show me what he found on the security camera after we had them installed.

''At first we thought it was a bug but I noticed a beam shining from the bottom of the flying object.

''It looked like it was scanning for something. At one point it shrinks smaller and the propeller it had at the top of the object disappears.

''As soon as it shrinks smaller it flies up to the ceiling, and shoots back down and goes back to the original form it was in.

''I've had these strange dreams of someone coming to pick me up to go to work but my work was not on Earth.

''It seemed like I was in space. For the next week I kept having the same dream of being picked up but it would always be a different scenario.''