A space rocket that runs on recycled milk bottles has been tested by scientists.



Boffins believe that the recycled rocket could take humans to Mars and have even suggested it could lead to "warp speed" intergalactic space travel across the universe.

Richard Dinan, CEO of Pulsar Fusion, told The Sun newspaper: "Our rocket runs on high-density polyethylene — used to make plastic milk bottles — rather than rocket fuel, which makes it eco-friendly, powerful and efficient.

"The fuel source is already available in abundance and it’s entirely non-toxic, unlike traditional fossil fuels.

"We can recycle it from a variety of sources so it’s pretty much as clean as it gets."

The rocket works by heating up solid chunks of high-density polyethylene and adding nitrous oxide - which creates huge pressure and allows the craft to go supersonic.

It was successfully trialled at the Ministry of Defence's explosive testing base in Wiltshire and further tests are set to take place in Switzerland.