Research has exposed the ways British people avoid working.

Brits slack off work

Brits slack off work

The new study - by SPANA - found that tactical toilet breaks, booking meeting rooms for a gossip and taking compassionate leave for fake funerals are just some of the excuses Brits use to slack off work.

More than 2,000 office workers also found having a mirror on the side of the computer to see when the boss is coming is a favourite ruse, the Independent reported.

The study also found that the average worker slacks off for up to 50 minutes a day - which equals out to more than four hours a week - in order to carry out personal tasks.

Geoffrey Dennis, Chief Executive of international animal charity SPANA, which provides free veterinary treatment to working animals in developing countries, said: ''Returning to work after the holiday season can come as a shock to the system - and no doubt some workers will be easing themselves back in slowly this week.

''Many people in this country undoubtedly work very hard, but it's clear from these findings that office workers are finding creative ways of putting their feet up for a break.''