A study has found women discuss seven sex topics with their friends after getting intimate.

Sex talk

Sex talk

The study conducted by Victoria Milan has discovered females take mental notes about their steamy session, which includes the duration of their encounter, the size of their lover's member, as well as the state of their pubic hair, the smell and taste of their suitor, as well as their stamina and how randy they were, to later discuss with their pals.

And it has been reported women remember such facts to prove to others they can ''attract amazing men'' and to ward off ''predatory women''.

The founder of the company, Sigurd Vedal, said: ''Women share intimate details with each other as it shows they can attract amazing men who take care of them both inside and outside the bedroom. We also know that if he's great, this information will only be shared with the closest of friends, to avoid predatory women coming after him.

''The conversations between women are very open - they'll tell their close friends both the good and the bad, spots and all.''