A study has found over half of British drivers consider tailgating to be their biggest driving annoyance.

Top 20 driving annoyances

Top 20 driving annoyances

Research carried out by Kwik Fit, who polled 2,000 British drivers, found 57 per cent of drivers can't stand those who steer very close to the back of their vehicle.

The survey has also revealed that aggressive driving is the second most aggravating issue ahead of people who fail to indicate, which was ranked third on the list of the top 20 modern day driving nuisances.

The study has also discovered nearly 50 per cent of drivers find texting at the wheel annoying, as well as using social media while driving.

Kwik Fit spokesperson Roger Griggs said: ''Our study into what grinds the gear of British motorists reveals that being courteous and respectful to fellow road users is extremely important to making everyone's journey a pleasant experience.

''Our latest road etiquette video featuring children on toy ride-on cars has been created to highlight the importance of road safety and whilst this is being delivered in an entertaining way there is a serious message at its heart.''