A teacher in Florida arranged a snowman to be posted to her class.

A snowman was sent in the post

A snowman was sent in the post

Robin Hughes, a special education teacher working at South Shore Academy in Tampa discovered that most her kindergarten students had never seen snow so she got her sister Amber Estes - who lives in the more traditionally wintery town of Danville in Kentucky - to pop a Jack Frost look alike, named ‘Lucky’ into the mail.

Recounting her sisterly chat following a snow storm, Robin told WLEX-TV: "So I said I want you to make me a snowman, and I want you to overnight him to me and see if he can make it to the school -- because I want these children in Florida to see snow

Amber told the same outlet: "So we put him inside the packaging, we wrapped him up in that foil, and we put ice packs in, we sealed him up, there was Styrofoam around the box. Off he went down to the local ups store.”

Robin loved seeing the kids faces and said anything that brings “joy” to her students “make it all worth it” and labelled Amber as “the greatest partner in crime”.