A law change in Texas may have inadvertently decriminalised marijuana.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

House Bill 1325 has been pushed through Austin City Offices with the aim of allowing the hemp industry to flourish, and while cannabis remains illegal in the Lone Star State, law enforcement agencies lack the equipment to test a substance to distinguish between the two.

It means lawmakers throughout Texas have dropped hundreds of low-level drug charges, and new prosecutions won't be able to be completed.

The new law classes certain parts of the cannabis plant as legal due to its lower level THC from other parts of the plant, and crime labs don't have the resources to confirm the distinction between the varieties.

The Texas District and County Attorneys Association said: ''The distinction between marijuana and hemp requires proof of the THC concentration of a specific product or contraband.

''And for now, that evidence can come only from a laboratory capable of determining that type of potency -- a category which apparently excludes most, if not all, of the crime labs in Texas right now.''