A 190-year-old tortoise has been named as the world's oldest living land animal.



Jonathan the tortoise lives on the British island of St Helena in the Atlantic Ocean and will be celebrating his 190th birthday this year.

According to Guinness World Records, Jonathan is believed to have been born in 1832 but his age is only an estimate.

The records site states: "Jonathan’s age is an estimation based on the fact that he was fully mature, and hence at least 50 years old, when he arrived in St Helena from the Seychelles in 1882. In all likelihood, he is even older than we think."

The official record title states that Jonathan is the "oldest chelonian" - a category that includes all turtles, terrapins and tortoises.

As Jonathan grows ever older, he has no sense of smell and has gone blind but is still being cared for and fed by vets.