Touch-Free chicken packets allow people to cook the raw meat without coming into contact with it.



Millennials who are scared of touching raw meat can now cook their meals without fear of contamination after supermarket chain Sainsbury's launched an innovative new way - aimed at anyone under the age of 35 - to combat their fear and help ''rip and tip'' their dinners straight from the packet into the pan.

Katherine Hall, product development manager for meat, fish and poultry, told the Sunday Times newspaper: ''Customers, particularly younger ones, are quite scared of touching raw meat.

''These bags allow people, especially those who are time-poor, to just 'rip and tip' the meat straight into the frying pan without touching it.''

A survey done by the supermarket showed young people in Britain have ''high levels'' of anxiety over touching the raw meat, which can house bacteria that causes severe, and sometimes lethal, food poisoning.