A new form of traffic control has unnerved drivers.

Traffic control

Traffic control

The Iver Parish Council has shared images of the new system that has been put in place for almost £6,000 near to Slough to prevent motorists from speeding and to make them aware children are in the vicinity.

The new model has startled passers by because the bollards take the shape of mock primary school children, named Billy and Belinda, who stare at drivers with a blank expression

On the communities Facebook page, they wrote: ''Anything that we can do to raise driver awareness that there's a school in the vicinity and young children on foot is a good thing!

Both infant and junior schools have had Billy & Belinda bollards installed over the weekend by Bucks County Council, funding was secured by The Ivers Parish Council and the project has been driven by your County Councillor Luisa Sullivan. (sic).''

However, the initiative has caused a lot of controversy as some people have found the infant bollards haunting, and some fear they are more likely to crash if they catch a glance of the ''super creepy'' mannequins.

Conor McGinn told The Mirror Online: ''If I was a driver they would scare me into crashing, super creepy.''