A sex doll shop, where you can test out the dolls before you buy them, has been shut down due to a lack of a license.



Love Doll UK, in Gateshead, gained attention earlier this year for their ''try before you buy service''.

The shop allowed potential customers to preview their doll for £100, before deciding whether they wanted to commit to spending £2,000 to take the doll home for good.

The owner of the shop, 40-year-old Graeme Tulip, was convicted at Gateshead Magistrates Court for ''knowingly using their premises as a sex establishment without obtaining a licence'' and fined £10,000 with £600 costs.

The shop owner had previously spoken about the impact his establishment was having on local escorts, and how the pseudo-brothel came equipped with a bed, lubrication, condoms, and the sex doll.