A Turkish man's 3.5-inch nose has earned him a Guinness World Record.



Mehmet Ozyurek, whose nose was officially measured at 3.46 inches from the bridge to the tip, admits that the feature was mocked when he was a child but he came to see it as a benefit as it gives him an enhanced sense of smell.

He told Guinness: "My friends used to call me 'Big Nose' to upset me. But I took a look at myself. That's when I looked in the mirror - I discovered myself.

"God made me like this, there is nothing that can be done in this situation. I learned to live in peace with my physique."

Ozyurek has also revealed that his nose leaves him able to do some party tricks, such as inflating a balloon with his nostrils.

He explained: "I say, 'There is a smell here.' Other people say, 'We don't smell that smell.' I say, 'You may not smell it but I can.

"For example, I enter my house ... I can immediately tell which dish is cooked.

"I love my nose, of course. I have been blessed."