A family is furious after they were left with two lampposts in their garden.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

The trouble began when Steve and Louise Price were told the first lamppost had been put in the wrong place.

Three years later a second lamppost has now been put on the other side of their house, as the land is owned by developers.

To make matters worse, Steve and Louise have discovered the garden of their newbuild home is 3ft shorter than it was meant to be, and the family are now locked in a legal dispute with the developers.

Steve said: ''The whole situation is has caused us a huge amount of upset and stress. I've been petrified they will turn up at my house when I'm at work and dig up my garden. We are in a stand-off. They won't pay us for the loss of land so I am trying to stop them from finishing the work until they pay.

''We wouldn't be in this position if they put the lamppost in the right place to begin with.''