UFO hunter believes an ''alien overlord'' is printed on US dollar bills.



Scott C. Waring runs a notorious website and claims the banknotes show the face of extraterrestrial beings that have placed ''secret messages'' in the currency.

On his blog, UFO Sightings Daily, Scott said: ''Aliens have placed secret messages in our own currency. Some say you have to draw the alien, but that's not true. If you just add contrast (shadow) to the original, it will turn into the alien head.

''Alien art is supposed to be outside the realms of our comprehension, made not on one level like human art, but many levels of understanding, making most too complex for our primitive minds.

''Are there alien overlords that control Americans minds and bodies to do their bidding? Well, there are aliens on Earth and some do have powerful telepathy that can travel long distances, so I would say yes, it is possible and this classic one dollar US bill is evidence that alien has infiltrated the US government and may have permanent control.''