A vampire-loving woman has had her very own set of fangs fitted.



Bodybuilder Sara Holda is obsessed with the blood-sucking creatures and splashed out $400 in a bid to give her a pair of teeth to match the likes of Dracula.

She told LADbible: "I had bulging biceps and firm thighs. I was really hooked on the transformation and, to me, the vampire look was a natural progression."

Holda admits that she has long been fixated on vampires and the qualities they possess.

She explained: "I've always been so fascinated by vampires, too. The fact they have eternal life, super strength, their look, the biting of the neck thing. Everything about them is so cool to me.

"Everyone's obsessed with eternal youth and is getting plastic surgery to keep it these days - and vampires are beautiful forever, too."