Vanilla has been voted as the UK's favourite flavour of ice cream.

Ice Cream Van

Ice Cream Van

Food scientist Jozef Youssef worked with supermarket Ocado to discover what makes the dessert such a special treat and concluded that vanilla edged out chocolate and strawberry as the nation's flavour of choice.

Mint choc chip, caramel, rum and raisin, pistachio, raspberry, clean and cookies and cream rounded out the top ten in the research.

Youssef also claims that a combination of physical and emotional factors make ice cream such a common treat, as the milk in the dessert contains a protein that improves mood and cognition.

Ocado has launched a unique range of ice cream servings following the study that have been scientifically designed to match a number of moods and occasions.

Laura Harricks, from the supermarket, said: "Our research shows the extent of Brits’ long love affair with ice cream.

"It’s been great to team up with Jozef to create a unique menu of ice cream servings to suit the wide range of moods that we all experience - whether you’re hungover, need an energy boost or are feeling nostalgic."