A nutritionist has teamed up with a protein brand to promote a new range of protein powder for vegetarians and vegans.

Nature's Plus Pumpkin Seed Protein

Nature's Plus Pumpkin Seed Protein

The NHS have discovered there are just over one million vegetarians in the UK and 542,000 people who follow a vegan diet, and due to the surge in people cutting meat and dairy products from their diet a health expert has created a supplement to ensure people get their dose of protein.

Nutritionist Cassandra Barns said: ''Protein is essential in supporting blood sugar balance and appetite control.

''Protein will keep you feeling fuller for longer and it helps to prevent sugar cravings. Protein also provides the raw materials for collagen - the main structural protein that gives flexibility and elasticity to your skin.

''It is also part of your bones and teeth, joints, nails and hair.''

The new vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free brand, called Nature's Plus Pumpkin Seed Protein, have created the powder from the seeds, which is full of the needed fatty acids.

According to the brand, pumpkin seeds are full of fibre and vitamins and minerals including calcium, potassium, B vitamins and zinc.