A statue of the Virgin Mary has been filmed ''crying''.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

The statue, located in Mexico, appears to weep and has attracted hundreds of devotees to visit the church and beg Jesus for miracles.

According to local media, the religious icon was displayed over the New Year period and visitors claimed the statue's eyes were red while tears appeared to fall down its cheeks.

Reports also said that some people mopped the statue's tears away, but they kept falling like raindrops.

Local resident Antonio Trinidad said the crying statue is a sign that ''something important is about to happen''.

Meanwhile, religious devotee Antonio Trinidad Jose said: ''The virgin is praying for our sins and asking God to help us.''

However, some social media users had a more cynical attitude to the statue's 'tears'.

One said: ''This is staged, people need to stop being so naive.

''If I was there, I would have looked for a pipe or something from where the water is coming from.''