JD Wetherspoons has scrapped hot dogs at many of their restaurants to make way for new items on the menu.

Wetherspoons scrap hot dogs

Wetherspoons scrap hot dogs

A spokesperson for the pubs told the Mirror Online: ''It is a trial in a number of pubs. Off the menu at present, but not definitely off the menu going forward.''

Punter Gavin Jones was ''absolutely gutted'' when he went to order in his favourite dish at his local Wetherspoons to find out it was no longer available at The Standing Order in Derby.

He said: ''I popped into The Standing Order - the main Wetherspoon pub in Derby - for my usual lunchtime hot dog [yesterday] but the girl behind the bar just said 'sorry, we don't do hot dogs any more'.

''I looked at the menu and sure enough all the hot dogs - the classic and the gourmet options - were gone.

''I'm absolutely gutted. They were massive and delicious. I don't know why they've been dumped as they were easy to cook and quite cheap to source, I imagine.

''Hopefully they'll realise they've made a huge mistake and change their mind. Until then I'll have to have a burger - or find another pub that does hot dogs.''