A woman who finds bras ''uncomfortable'' has asked the Internet if she should wear them at work.



The post - which has gone viral on NetMums - sent social media into a frenzy after she asked if women should be ''forced to wear a bra'' during work in the 21st century.

The lengthy post read: ''In 2018 would I get in bother if I didn't wear a bra at work?

''I just find them uncomfortable and I think everyone is well aware that people have nipples and I am not doing this for attention I just feel I shouldn't be forced to wear something.

''Who cares if some nipples are in the centre pointing down, a bit to the left or haven't even got any. It's 2018, I shouldn't have to wear something because it will make people feel less uncomfortable/stop men looking or just because it's the norm.''

The woman sparked a debate online by finishing her query with: ''Does anyone else agree? Or am I a hippie that wishes to bun all bras?''

One user replied to the post: ''It depends on your work place and how strict they are on the rules. In my work you would be asked to either pop a bra on or wear something that would result in you not revealing nipples.''

Another wrote: ''I don't think it's right to think it's no big thing seeing someone's nipples because we all have them. Where would it end? You could have naturists or nudists in the work place.''