A woman in Boston became a millionaire for a matter of minutes thanks to an account mix-up.

Temporary millionaire

Temporary millionaire

Ellen Fleming, 26, was surprised when she got a voicemail from a TD Ameritrade financial consulting this week informing her that a deposit had gone into her account.

Surprise turned to absolute shock when she opened up the company's app to find $1.1 million in there, instead of the $50 she had earlier this year.

Speaking to the Boston Globe, she admitted she immediately had ideas of paying back her student loans and quitting her job - before deciding to do the honest thing.

She called the consultant back and let them know what had happened, and it turned out the cash was meant for a Florida resident with the same name.

Thankfully Fleming has seen the funny side, and joked she wants her obituary to refer to her as a ''one-time millionaire''.