A woman in the US was charged for showing 'brief emotion' during her medical examination.



The lady, named only as Midge, went to the doctors for a routine exam and saw the words 'brief emotion' alongside the charges for physician service and surgical service on her medical bill.

Midge tweeted: "Mole removal: $223

"Crying: extra."

The Twitter post has since been liked over 33,000 times and received hundreds of comments.

Midge also wrote: "I didn't even get a damn sticker.

"Is a lollipop too much to ask?"

Midge added that she was actually being charged for a 'brief emotional-behavioural assessment'.

She told LADbible: "This is basically what it is - a 'depression screening' which I think is definitely important but if it's so important it should be fully covered by insurance.

"It was part of a routine annual physical - I didn't know at the time that it wasn't covered by insurance. It was basically 10 or less questions.

"So - it wasn't actually a fee for crying but rather an emotional evaluation."