A woman complained after she ordered a white toilet seat and it arrived in bright blue - but she was left red-faced when she discovered it was covered in a sticky film.

Woman complains about blue toilet seat

Woman complains about blue toilet seat

Marie Stent thought there had been a mix-up when her lavatory seat, which she bought from IKEA for £40, turned up at her door in a colour she hadn't ordered.

But, after ranting about the blunder to her daughter, she later realised that the seat was in fact white and just been covered in a blue film to protect it from scratches.

Marie's daughter Amber took to her Twitter account to share her mother's mistake, writing: ''Mum bought a £40 toilet seat from Ikea, gets home and starts freaking out because it's bright blue and she's chucked away the receipt.

''After about 30 minutes of accepting it, she's finally got her head around the idea of having a blue toilet, until I come and read the label.''