A woman has demanded all of her bridesmaids pay £2,260 for the honour of being part of her wedding.

Woman demands bridesmaids pay nearly £3k

Woman demands bridesmaids pay nearly £3k

Writing on Reddit's Bridezillas forum, one guest revealed that a bride-to-be planned ''10 months of constant celebrations'' and billed her selected bridesmaids for everything because it was her ''day'' and she's the ''only one that matters''.

She wrote: ''First of all, she had an engagement party to kick off what is to be 10 months of constant celebrations leading up to the big day.

''Attendant dresses $400, shoes $150, accessories $150, professional hair and makeup $250, Napa Valley house rental (per person for the week) $700, airfare round-trip $400, food/drinks for the week $700, limo rentals to go wine tasting (per person) $100 and one life-long friendship.

''Bridezilla tells her point-blank, 'This is MY DAY and I'm the ONLY one that matters.''